A Toxic Game- Short Story

I submitted this for a 400 word max short story contest. I used a writing prompt for the idea. If I get positive feedback on it, I’ll turn it into a longer story with more details. Enjoy!


Synopsis: A spoiled and toxic popular girls hateful actions catch up with her


August 15th

Being the most popular girl in the sophomore class can be exhausting. It helps having parents who don’t really care about you and try to buy away their guilt.


September 23rd

So Evan Monroe, the quarterback, asked me out today. We have plans to go out on Saturday night. Not showing up is going to soar my popularity and destroy his.


October 28th

I decided to pick some new girls out of oblivion to be in my group. Sara, Tiffany and Mariah are in for a rude awakening. I’m excited to mold Leah, Shannon and Hailey- who lets be honest are pathetic losers, into my minions. I’m sure I can get Hailey to drop a few lbs. Girls with low self-esteem will do anything to be popular.


November 3rd

Everyone now knows what a slut Tiffany is. She should have known I saved all of her text messages about her hook ups with college guys. The guys at school are merciless. It was SO much fun to watch the skank squirm.


November 17th

Oh today was the best day of all. Sara tried to worm her way back in. She was sucking up SO much. I got her to do so many things. Degraded her. And she did it all with a smile. Jason Dodge, such a skeevy loser. He’s so gross. I convinced her to hook up with him, videoed it and posted it online. She’s a pariah now. Enjoy life in social oblivion!


I was horrified as I read my journal entries that had been posted online for the school to see. These were the nice posts, they got worse. How did this happen? It had been 6 months since I took them under my wing and made them the most sought after girls at school. This is how they repaid me?? I’m betting that Shannon is behind this. She wants to take over the group.


I know I have a target on my back now. School was awful today. It wont last for long. I will climb back to the top. Those girls had better watch their backs. They forget I know all their secrets. Revenge will be sweet. Those girls will wish that they were never born by the time I’m done with them. I’ll rebuild a new group of even bigger losers and we will take back what is mine.