Winning Short Story

So excited. I submitted a super short story for a contest. Winners had their story made into a video. Here’s mine. It’s very PLL/Mean Girls esq but I think I could develop it into something more. I haven’t decided yet. 
Here’s the link! 

Short Story: A Toxic Game by Marianne Hagadorn
Big thanks to Novel Writing Festival!! 


No Shame in Yo Game

I spent some time today checking out body shame videos. If you want to see which ones I shared Click here.

There are a lot of opinions out there about our bodies. A good portion of those opinions are negative. You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. Your boobs are too small. Your ass is too big. Hey nice muffin top. It goes on and on and on.

Body shaming isn’t just for women…it happens to men too. It’s not exclusive to those who are overweight, it happens to skinny people too. It’s just as wrong to tell someone to eat a cheeseburger as it is to tell someone to put it down. 

Ohhhhhh so you’re concerned about said persons health? So mocking them and humiliating them is how you plan on doing it…makes sense. Here’s the thing…excess body fat is not an absolute indicator to bad health just like the lack of body fat doesn’t guarantee a clean bill of health. You rarely can tell someone’s status of health by just looking at them. Yes…I can look at a woman and see that she’s incredibly thin. Do I know she’s anorexic…I have no idea. If it’s a friend and you watch the downward spiral then yes, you know. But not when it comes to a stranger. Juliana Rancic has gotten a lot of criticism for how thin she is. She’s a cancer survivor…maybe leave her alone. Kelly Clarkson was attacked by some other celebrity that isn’t important enough for me to remember because she had the nerve to not immediately lose all the weight she gained after her child. And that affects her singing ability how?

Is fat the worst thing a person can really be? I’m going to say no to that one. Can you really look at the excess fat on my body and decide that I’m lazy, worthless and sub-human? I’ve destroyed my metabolism with a binge eating disorder and bulimia. I also have PCOS which makes losing weight hard and gaining it super easy. I gave birth to 2 sets of twins. My 2nd set were transvere lie, both were over 7lbs and were very low. I have multiple disc herniations, degenerative discs and abnormal widening of my hips. P.S. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My struggle is real…those are not excuses. An excuse would be I can’t find the time. The fact that there are days where I almost can’t walk is not an excuse. I’m not lazy. I’m ambitious. I’m imperfect. But I keep trying. But you would know none of that by looking at me. 

So how do we fight body shaming? Stop letting people use your lack of fat or excess of fat against you. You are not fat…you have fat…there’s a big difference. Stop giving others the power to use your body against you. Like so many other bloggers have said, we shy away from the word fat. We need to put more value in a persons character and integrity than what they look like. . What someone says about your appearance or anything about you…especially when they don’t know you says more about them and their insecurities than it does about you.  Love yourself regardless of what someone says about your weight. Nothing makes these shamers MORE angry than you loving your body and imperfections in spite of what they say. 

And P.S. To the critics out there…telling a woman to love her body even when she is overweight or obese is not glorifying obesity. It’s not promoting an unhealthy diet. No one is saying hey…gain a bunch of weight with unhealthy nutrition. We are saying love yourself every step of the way. Be healthy…if your doctor tells you that you aren’t healthy…change your lifestyle…listen to them. But don’t hate yourself while doing it. Love yourself at 320lbs, 215lbs, 175lbs. Your weight does not define your self worth. And for those of you who disagree…why are you so angry? Because you spend so much time hating yourself? Because you allow yourself to be put I’m the box of what the media defines as beautiful? What are you so afraid of?